iPad Tips and Tricks

There are many sites and documents which model a collection of iPads Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts. I do now want to duplicate these efforts. Rather I will highlight some of my favorites and those I think teachers and students would want to master.

Below is a list of the tips I'm sharing in my March 22, 2013 presentation at the MACUL Conference in Detroit, Michigan. To make it easier to read, these tips are also in .

The links at the end of this document include many of the same tips shared below along with many others. A the sites below often include useful screenshots.

iPad Problem Solving
  1. Close apps (also see what your students were using)
  2. Power Down the iPad
  3. Wifi - look for the IP information - renew lease/forget network and reconnect
  4. Safari problems? Close Safari; Go to Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data

Button and Swipe Shortcuts
  1. Mute or Rotate Lock - switch on the side, you decide what it does
  2. One click on Home Button - quick return to Home Screen
  3. One click on Home Button - when on home > Spotlight (search) It now also shows the folder; in settings you can configure Spotlight to search whatever you want, and set preferred order. Can also swipe right from home screen to get to Spotlight screen
  4. Two clicks - shows recently open apps,
  5. Three clicks - set in accessibility to VoiceOver, Inverter Colors, Zoom, AssistiveTouch
  6. Swipe Up - (Multitasking Gestures - must be turned on) - App Quick Launch
  7. Swipe Left - switch between apps where are open. Swipe Right to return to last app.
  8. Swipe Right - Spotlight Search
  9. Swipe - Five fingers pulled together; close the currently open app

  1. Turn on your Bookmarks Bar (Settings - Safari) “Auto Show Bookmarks Bar”
  2. Change your default search engine: Google, Bing, or Yahoo
  3. Hidden keys - .org .Turn Favorite Sites into Links on Home - this is also nice if your iPad is also a student iPad and you don’t want to have your email configured...then just use your web browser to access your email
  4. Use the Reader - this does not work with every site
  5. Speak Selection - highlight text and select “Speak” First turn this on in General > Accessibility > Speak Selection
  6. Add special bookmarklets to save to Evernote, Diigo, Delicious, Sqworl, Pinterest and others. Step by step directions at: http://iosbookmarklets.com

  1. Apple Camera Connection Kit - makes bring in photos and movies easy
  2. Use a USB Keyboard with the Apple Camera Connection kit (or an eBay clone)
  3. iPad to projector - VGA Adapter or HDMI - be sure you get 30 pin or lightening connector

  1. Shake to Undo - also on the Numbers keyboard (Redo is on the Symbol keyboard)
  2. Hidden apostrophe and exclamation mark key on the keyboard. Other hidden keys under vowels and some other keys
  3. Tap and hold, and slide to number keyboard, then to number and let up
  4. Caps lock - double tap Shift key
  5. Double tap for period. If it suggests a word - tap spacebar to accept, X to not
  6. Split keyboard - how to get it back (can be disabled
  7. Emoji keyboard - General > Keyboard > Keyboards 1> and add the Emoji Keyboard (note other setting options - Auto Capitalization, Auto Correct, “.” shortcut, add shortcuts
  8. Cut, Copy and Paste
  9. Notes you can have one of three fonts (set in Settings > Notes) Different views based on orientation

Camera and Photos
  1. Take a screenshot - hold sleep button down and press Home button
  2. Tap to set focus and light level, two fingers to zoom
  3. Camera - take a photo with the volume up button
  4. Camera - turn on the grid - “Rule of Thirds
  5. Photos - Editing, delete multiple photos - select and then delete
  6. Memory hogs - new higher resolution camera in Gen 4 & 5 iPads and the iPad Mini, results in photos which take up more memory, be cautious with using movies

Free is Good
  1. Get free iBooks
  2. Get free educational apps from the Apps - warning!!! It’s easy to end up with more apps than your iPad can store. How many can an iPad store? This depends on the size of the apps and other items you have on your iPad such as iBooks, music, photo, movies...
  3. You can “buy” but not install. Buy from iTunes and have your iPad set to not automatically install the app. General > Automatic Downloads > Off
  4. Get an app which you’ve deleted or “purchased” and now want to install. Note: iPad and iPhone apps are listed separately.
  5. Sign up to be emailed when apps go free (warning - some sites promote not only educational apps but also games, games, and more games.)
  6. Explore these sites and apps

  1. Sounds - turn off sounds for keyboard clicks when you type, get new emails, or tweets...
  2. Change your Default Email Signature - no more “Sent from my iPad”
  3. What if you lose or someone steals your iPad - can it be found?
  4. I need more space? What’s taking up all the room on my iPad? If you are not using this app, then delete it.
  5. Find My iPad - Setting > iCloud > Find My iPad
  6. If a student picks up your iPad, they read your email or send an email which looks like it came from you. General > Passcode Lock
  7. Restrictions - disable “in app purchases”
  8. Mail, Contacts and Calendar - do you see Contacts? If not, and you use Gmail in your district, you may have set up your account incorrectly.
  9. Extend battery life - turn down brightness, turn off Bluetooth, turn off Wifi, use the Airplane mode
  10. Notifications - if you said, “it’s okay to send me push messages” and now want to turn it off.
  11. Set up Twitter and Facebook - now you can post from your Notification bar
  12. Photos & Camera - turn on/off PhotoStream
  13. App preferences - all are located here (some may be on the app, some app options are here)
  14. Mail - set to get updates more quickly. Calendar, set how many weeks or months to sync
  15. Multiple iTunes accounts can piggyback on a single iPad - sign out/in of iTunes & Apps Stores

Websites and .pdf documents - full of iPad Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
  1. 50 iPad Minim Tips - nice and written in 2013 (tips work with regular iPad too.)
  2. The Best iPad Tips and Tricks - from Gizmo's freeware
  3. 50 Really Useful iPad Tips and Tricks - from Tech Radar
  4. 10 Extremely Awesome iPad Tips and Tricks (the hide app in purchases does not work in OS 6)
  5. iPad Insight - iPad Tips and Tricks - nice simple collection with helpful screenshots
  6. Tech Support Alert - The Best iPad Tips and Tricks - very nicely organized and easy to understand
  7. Ultimate iPad Tips and Tricks - 100 in this 59 page .pdf document
  8. Tech Radar Tablets - 50 really useful iPad tips and tricks
  9. 40+ Super Secret iPad Features and Shortcuts

I love this app and recommend it for purchase. The images are colorful and the tips include most of the most you would want to know. It costs .99 but well it.
iPad Secrets - Tips and Tricks