iPad Tools for Digital Storytelling and Screencasting - a MI Digital Learning Conference Hands-On Session

Workshop Description

Learn to use a variety of the best iPad apps to create digital stories and screencast tutorials. Learn to take and enhance screenshots and photos. Learn about options for sharing finished projects. An iPad with some stored images for projects and a Dropbox account will be required. Apps we will be using include Explain Everything, Blurb Mobile, A+ Signature Lite, PhotoShop Express, and others. Some will be free and others cost $ .99 – 2.99. Come ready to be creative and have fun.

Digital Storytelling Projects

Screencasting Project

Overview and Tips

It is difficult to do true “screencasting” on the iPad. Unlike showing every movement of a cursor you you would on a computer, the iPad does not show where you are tapping (maybe an updated OS will provide this option.). To show your taps and hand motions requires a camera, such as a document camera, recording the iPad screen. That said, there are a growing number of apps which let you create and capture things you do on the iPad, to edit camera shots or captured screen images, create videos, add voice narrations and even music and share a finished project - often via a website.