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What and Why:

While there are other iPad browsers, Safari is built-in to the iPad and the default browser. I recommend you begin with it and if it won't meet your needs, then try another browser (some even "support" Flash.) New to Safari with iOS 5 are tabs and Add to Reading List.


  1. Try using multiple tabs with the plus symbol on the far right of the screen. Rearrange tabs. Try this site for the iPad Conference Schedule
  2. Go to a website and Save it to your Bookmarks or to your Bookmarks Bar (shorten the name.)
  3. Save a site to your your Home Screen.
  4. Go to a website or article you'd like to read later (http://socialmediaforschools.wikispaces.com) and choose to "Add to Reading List" Under the Bookmarks icon, find the Reading List and return to the document.


New iOS 5 features
Add Java Bookmarklets