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What and Why:

The camera app allows you to take photos and movies, using the camera on the back of the iPad (high resolution) or the camera facing you (low resolution.) Photos can be enhanced with the built-in photo editor. Be aware that when recording movies that the finished file may be so large that it's difficult to get off the iPad. A movie over 3 minutes may be too large to email or send via Dropbox. Some options for output include using iCloud, wirelessly syncing it to a desktop computer using PhotoSync $, or uploading directly to a video serving site using a tool such as the Vimeo app.


1) Take a photo of someone or even yourself. Use the edit menu to Enhance and crop the photo (iOS 5 required.)
2) From within Dropbox, save the photo to a folder.


Wifi Photo Transfer will allow sharing of photos, though it requires entering an IP number into a browser. Free.

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