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What and Why:

You'll want a note taking application. While you can use the built-in Notes application, there are numerous alternatives. Do some research and try one out. Most cost a few dollars. Many users like to use Evernote for all their note taking needs as it's free, supports images and audio.


  1. Using Notes or another note taking application, write a few sentences and use the iPad keyboard shortcuts for special characters. Double tap for period.
  2. Edit text and misspell a word and change and use the suggest to correct the word. When a word is
  3. Change the default text style in Settings.

Bluetooth Keyboards

Keyboards fall into two categories. Those that are full size like the Apple Keyboard and those that are smaller which somehow mate with the iPad (such as the LogiTech keyboard) so they pack together. Try out both and if your hands fit, the smaller size may be a better choice.