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Mail & Calendar

What and Why:

The mail app has been updated in iOS 5. I have links to an overview in the Management and iOS 5 page



  1. Change your signature line. Under Settings, under the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, click the Signature and change. When you see a signature, "Sent from my iPad" you know that you are getting an email from a newbie.
  2. Create a new email and try the font changes.
  3. Use the swipe (right to left or left to right) to see the delete button without opening a mail message.


  1. Tap and hold on a location in the calendar to create a new meeting. Drag the resize handles to adjust the time. Click and drag the event to a new date. Note the new Year View shows highlighting for dates where you have something scheduled. (iOS 5 required.)
  2. Look at how you can set up your calendar to view multiple calendars. See these directions. One of the keys to selecting which calendar you want to view is #1) you must have the calendar with rights on your desktop and #2) from your iPad browser you will go to: https://www.google.com/calendar/syncselect and select the calendars you want to have on your calendar list.


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