Google Forms

What and Why:

Google Forms is part of Google Docs. In Google Docs a form can be created for data gathering. This form can be completed on the iPad. The creation of the form is easier to do on a desktop computer. It can be done using a Spreadsheet in Google Docs on the iPad, however some of the Forms development tools are not accessible in the Safari browser. The Google Docs templates has a collection of excellent forms, include forms for classroom walk through and student observations. It is recommended that when a form is completed on the desktop, a shorten URL be created for ease of sharing.


  1. Go to and complete the form as if you were doing an evaluation.
  2. Here is another to look at:
  3. Put a shortcut to this form on the desktop. "Add to Home Screen" If you use this form frequently, you can make it one of your six favorites on the bottom of you iPad.


Use a URL shortener such as It only takes a second to shorten a URL and then you don't need to use cryptic text such as "Ux4I0" in the URL.