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Google Docs

What and Why:

You are using Google Docs on your desktop, why not use it on your iPad? Google does not have a Google App and the use of Google Docs is not as fully developed as users desire. You can create a desktop icon. From Safari, go to http://docs.google.com login if needed, and create a desktop icon by selecting "Add to Home Screen". Now when you click this button, you'll be taken to the Google Docs page. On the far right side is the link to create a new Document or Spreadsheet. There are two views, one a plain text view and the other a quirky desktop view which covers the text when using the on screen keyboard. Google has some work to improve Google Docs on the iPad (though I'd bet they first improve it for Android devices.)


  1. Create a desktop icon for launching Google Docs.
  2. Create a new Google Docs Document. Use it to simply enter text. For more options, click the pull down on the top right and select "Use Desktop Version"
  3. Share the document from the front screen or from the Share button in the Desktop version.