Getting Started

Getting Started
  1. Why iPads
    1. Instant on (talk about smart covers)
    2. Intuitive interface
    3. Amazing battery life, graphics, multi-touch, audio and video recording, and hundreds of thousands applications
  2. TourHome Screen Button
    1. Home button
    2. Cameras – front and back – (back is HD resolution)
    3. Microphone, speaker location, multi-function switch, volume control, audio jack
    4. Sync and recharge connection
  3. Most Recent ListRearrange icons - press and hold to get the icons wiggling; drag to new location or page. Press Home button to exit edit mode. Clicking X on the corner of an icon will delete the application
    1. Removing an icon from Most Recent list – it does not delete it from the iPad
    2. Drag to left to see iPod (music/audio) controls, brightness control, Screen orientation or mute
    3. iPod can be played when other applications are playing; iPad can be turned off and you can still be playing music or a podcast or an audio book
  4. Place the six most used applications at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Create folders – press and hold to get the icons wiggling. Drag an icon on top of another icon and a folder is created. Name the folder (name is suggested.)
  6. Spotlight
    1. Press Home button to get to Home screen; pause and press the Home button again. Or swipe right; now try to search for an appointment, application, or contact
  7. Notes – enter text. Accepting the suggested word by pressing space. Entering a period with the double space. Practice highlighting text, cut, copy, paste, and replace. Caps lock and the sliding key for specific keys like ‘ and “ Using the magnifying glass to move the insert point/cursorConnecting to a wireless network
    1. Share by emailing
  8. Adjusting brightness
  9. SpotlightNotification – if you get annoying notifications, you can turn them off.
    1. Spotlight can be set to search only specific items
      èGeneralè Spotlight Search Contacts, Apps, Music, Notes, Mail, Events

  10. General Settings – Bluetooth – turn on only if using Bluetooth (a short range wireless network)
  11. Auto-Lock – set the time until the iPad powers off
  12. Passcode – simple (4 numbers). Test it. Must reenter the code to turn this off. Options to erase all data if the wrong passcode is entered 10 times.
  13. Mail, Contacts, Calendars – Change your signature so it’s something other than “sent from my iPad”
  14. Challenge of syncing GroupWise email, contacts and calendar with the iPad. Two options – use a third party application (which $$ and has received mixed reviews) or forward to Gmail account – which is more one way than two way. Note: 60% of the MAISD districts have transitioned to Gmail and Google Calendar – primarily as a cost saver and for the integration with other Google Apps.


1. Find My iPad – see directions at:
If your iPad is ever lost – will help you find it. Can be set to allow a user to wipe all the data off a lost or stolen iPad remotely. Free program from Apple – requires registration.

Built-In Applications
  1. Safari – pinch zoom, double tapiBooks – install a free or $$ ebook. Try an iPad guide. Browse or use Top Categories to search for free books
      1. Add Bookmark
      2. Add to Home Screen
      3. Mail Link to this Page
      4. Bookmarks and Bookmark Bar
        1. Bookmarks – just like Favorite or Bookmarks – for quick reference, shows History
        2. Bookmarks Bar – your most often used bookmarks – keep titles short
        3. Find and Bookmark the iPad User’s Guide
        4. Multipage
          1. Up to 9 pages may be open at one time
          2. Use Safari to complete a Google Form – such as a Classroom Walk Through – designed on the desktop version of Google Forms. Recommend using a short URL or email link such as:
  2. YouTube – search for a topic you want to learn more about…Marzano, KWL, classroom management,
  3. Email – can compose, reply, delete, move read email into a folder
  4. Calendar – use date bar on bottom to move from date to date; can show multiple calendars (set this in the calendar sync settings) List view is helpful. Add events with +
  5. Contacts – add a photo to your contacts with the iPad’s built-in camera; strong built-in search
  6. Maps – puts in stick pen. If you see a person on the left – click it to go to Google street view
  7. Dragon Dictate – record a short paragraph and copying it to another application or email.
  8. Evernote – set up an account and record a note with text, audio and a photo. Syncs with desktop/online account.
  9. Dropbox – create an account and install the desktop client. Consider a custom install and creating specific folders rather than all folders. Copy a file from desktop into Dropbox folder on computer and find and open the file on Dropbox on iPad. Note: to edit an application on the iPad requires the right application, e.g. Pages or Docs2HD to edit .doc files and Keynote to edit a .ppt file. Otherwise, you can only view a file.
  10. Flipboard – view blogs if connected to Google Reader and Google reader subscribes to blogs
  11. Voice Memo – record and playback
  12. Idea Sketch – graphical organizer
  13. TED – videos of visionary thinkers
  14. The Weather Channel and/or HD Weather – looking a head, will recess be outside or inside?
  15. Wunderlist – Task organizer

Install and Try Out Free Apps

10.At least one fun activity – SoundDrop, Large Type, Angry Birds HD Free, PaperToss

Recommended Inexpensive Apps

  1. SoundNote
  2. Good Reader

Downloadable Guides