Finding Educational Apps

Where can you find the best apps for use in your classroom...

  • Using the iPad as...from TechTeaacher- Nicely organized site with recommended apps for the different things you do with the iPad (reader, creator, student response system, classroom manager, study tool, organizer, differentiator)
  • IEAR - I Education Apps Review- "A Community Effort to Grade "Educational Apps". Find reviews on apps, tips from schools that have implemented iPads and iPods and more. You can become registered and become a reviewer!
  • SNapps4Kids- SNApps4Kids is a community of parents, therapists, doctors, and teachers who share information on how we are using the iPad, iPhone iPod Touch and Android devices with children who have special needs. This site is for more than just those who serve students with special needs. When an app is reviewed, it includes the skills which are addressed in the app.
  • Scoop it- Recommended Educational App Lists- This is an amazing site hosted though the Scoop.It site. It is more of a magazine with links to articles and blog posts.
  • Apps in Education- Nicely organized blog with pages for apps for math, English, science, music, special needs and more.
  • Apple iPad Apps in Education - Collection of Apple's recommended iPad apps. While the list may not be a large, the site is bright and the apps are some of the coolest (most are not free.)
  • Ten Sites Supporting iPads In Education… - a great starting point. Some sites are app related, some strategies and implementation.
  • Jordon School District, Utah - iPad Support Page

  • App Advice is a website and they also have an iPad AppAdvice $1.99. App Guides, Lists, Reviews and Charts.
  • AppShopper is a website and a free AppShopper app A great way to learn about free apps.
  • Discovr App $ .99 helps you Discovery similar apps. Start with an app you own or want to own an a web is created of similar apps. Apps are rated and a $ sign shows if they are not free.

Website and resources

Apps for finding free apps

Note: some of the resource above are from from the Jordon School District's technology webpage