Explain Everything ($2.99)


What and Why:

This app let's you capture what you write, draw, say, import and annotate. Features include: record audio, record annotations, control the width of the pen, draw shapes, stacked layers, type text, an eraser, undo, multiple slides. Slide sorter lets you organize your content before recording. Embeddable video is produced.
Import: from the camera roll and camera, DropBox, Evernote, from the web, from pdf and PowerPoints, and Keynote.
Preferences: Drawings become objects, Divide PDF's into pages, Divide PPT's into pages, show the hand tool.
Export Preferencest: upload to YouTube, DropBox, and Evernote, Twitter, and Facebook.

Backstage with Explain Everything - blog posts and link to YouTube video tutorials


You are going to create a guide using Explain Everything. The guide can be a guide to some place you want to travel, a vacation, a historical tour, how to use an application (with screenshots, how to use a website such as MeL, Discovery Education, or search strategies.

  1. Purchase and installed the Explain Everything app if you don't currently own it.
  2. When launched, in preference you can link to DropBox, Evernote, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. This allows you to import .pdf files or images from Evernote. From Dropbox, import .pdf files, images, PowerPoint or Keynote files.
  3. Start a new Blank project. Add slides with the New Slide button (look for the green +). Navigate between slides with the arrows on the bottom left.
  4. Click on the Insert Image button (looks like a person) to insert an image from your photo album, camera, Dropbox, or Evernote. To insert from Dropbox or Evernote you must log in and give Explain Everything rights to access the account.
    1. Resize, crop, free select, or rotate the photo. When you click Done, it's added to your screen where it can be positioned, moved, rotated, resized, or deleted. Objects can be moved in front or behind other objects with the arrange button.Click
  5. Insert text with the text button. Tap and hold on the text button to modify the text. Text may be modified even after it's entered by clicking back on this text button. Use the blue four headed arrow to adjust the text box. Use the green check when finished editing or moving/resizing the text box.

    Explain Everything Tools

  6. Insert Other and select Web Browser. A web page browser window appears. Enter the website address and navigate to the page desired. Resize the image from the window. Tap and hold on the captured browser window to activate the browser and resize the captured image, navigate to a new page, etc. All the links work, just like an normal web page. Your "web page" just inserted may be a photo.
  7. Add an arrow or other shape. Tap and hold on the Shapes and Lines to change the default shape. Even when a shape (the default is a red arrow) is created, it can be moved, repositioned, or resized. A blue four headed arrow and a green check mark show when the shape is double tapped. Tap and hold on the blue arrow to alter the shape.
  8. At any time you can zoom in with the magnifying glass. Spread your fingers to zoom in and pinch or double tap to return to normal.
  9. At any time you can preview your slide show with the slide screen on the bottom of the toolbar.
  10. Add additional slide, insert images or web pages, add text labels and arrows or other shapes.
  11. Once the slide have something on them, they can be rearranged using the slide sorter button.
  12. Save your project with the Project Save button (Down arrow on a folder in the lower right corner.) Give the project a name.
  13. Decide if you want narration. Go to the first slide you want to narrate. You can record narration slide by slide or continuously through all the slide, advancing the slides as you speak.
    1. You can pause the recording of narration.
    2. You can add objects, surf web pages, add arrows, all while recording.
    3. If you insert a web page, you can record narration WHILE you are navigating the web page. A red dot briefly appears to show where you click.
    4. If you want to simply highlight something while you're recording, try using the laser pointer. The size of the laser pointer can be changed from a small or large point up to a glowing red arrow.
  14. Once you are finished, play the entire slide show by tapping and holding on the play triangle button and navigating up to the orange play triangle.
  15. The current screen can be saved, or the movie saved. Preferences can be set for export to resolution and quality.
  16. Share.