Digital Storytelling

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Toontastic is one of the most popular digital storytelling apps for the iPad. Teachers like that it teaches the five elements of a Story Arc: setup, conflict, challenge, climax, and resolution. Each of these five elements can have a different background and music. There are a creative set of free characters (pirates, spaced, etc.) Students use their voice as they move the characters to tell the story. Students may also draw their own characters. While the app is free, there are options to "add on" enhancement packs. To share a digital story, it can be uploaded to view online at ToonTube.

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PuppetPals HD

PuppetPals is similar to Toontastic, but the characters's limbs do not move. When recording your story you can move, resize, and even rotate the characters. The free version includes a single background and limited characters. The $2.99 "Directors Pass" allows the additional download and install of more than a dozen other backgrounds and characters, as well as an option to create characters or custom backgrounds using images from your camera or photo album. Cartoons are imited to 30 seconds.

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Educreations turns an iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Create video tutorials by tapping and talking. Explain a math formula... Create an animated lesson... Add commentary to your photos... Diagram a sports play. Record and replay your voice, handwriting and drawings, add photos from the iPad camera, Photo Albums or Dropbox. Allows for simple animation by dragging images around while recording. Can create multiple whiteboard pages.

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VoiceThread connects to your web based VoiceThread account. Allows the free creation of up to 5 VoiceThread projects. You can also view and make comments on your own web based VoiceThreads or VoiceThreads from others. Must be online to use.

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ScreenChomp is from the Michigan based TechSmith company. It and allows the inserting of image or drawting, recording of narration which may be shared online or downloaded as MPEG 4 movies. One tip: hold two fingers on the screen to drag the screen up or down to see "hidden screens.

Bonus Apps

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‘I tell a story’ is the new iPhone/iPad application that allows users to narrate and record (with enhanced editing options) their stories with their own voice, in their own language. This will let children share and cherish the same experience of hearing stories from their elders even if they are away or busy.
Moreover, narrating stories encourages the habit of reading books as they grow older. (Apple)