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This app lets you create stories using your own media. Capture and sequence videos, photos, screenshots into short visual stories you can share. The import feature let's you import photos, video and audio in addition to direct input from the camera or camera roll. Edit your media with a variety of features (rotate, crop, scale, drag and drop sequencing). You can record into the audio bin and then attach your audio to images or the story. This app lets you add text captions to your images. There is a layout editor which let's you create a variety of multi-image presentation formats. It's easy to organize your photos and videos using your stories, and you can tag your Blurbs.The free version is limited to 8 photos, 30 seconds of audio, 1 video (15 seconds or less.) The $.99 upgrade to Blurb Mobile Plus extends the limit to 20 photos, 120 seconds of audio, 3 video (30 seconds each) and provides 8 additional themes.
Import: Photos from the camera or album, video and add audio.
Export: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email (and taggable)


In this activity we suggest you create a digital story all about you, your family, hobbies, pets or friends. This presentation may include up to 8 images and one short (15 second or less) video clip.
  1. Download the Blurb Mobile appIt’s free but to save and share requires a Blurb Mobile account which you can create from within the app. You can also create an Blurb_Screenshot.png.jpgaccount at the website: where you can also learn more about the app and view examples of other users blurbs under through the Inspiration button.
  2. Tap "Story Stream" to view some examples of stories created by others. Scroll down to see more. You can vote for a favorite with the heart or view comments. There does not seem to be any audio when viewing the Story Stream.
  3. Audio can be created in advance and stored in the Audio Bin and then assigned from the clip library to a photo or recorded with a specific photo.
  4. Tap "Create Story". Give your story a Title and a short description (this is useful when sharing the story.) You can choose to have the story listed as public or unlisted. If you choose to make your location public, it will list where the story was created.
  5. You can use photos or videos you snap or import from your albums. There is a nifty little bar on the bottom which provides editing tools. Drag it to the top to view or share your blurb.
  6. These button include:
    • Camera - to take a photo or video
    • Import - to import a photo or video from your albums
    • Layout - select from a dozen different layouts for your images (once an image is in a frame, it can be resized or moved) The corner for the frames as well as the frame size can be adjusted. To delete a frame, hold on it until the red X shows and delete it. If the frame is selected, the frame choice can be changed. Each frame counts as one photo. Drag a photo out of the frame to delete it and then click the down arrow to select another (or tap on the photo and hold and the album window will appear.)
    • Style pallet provides two choices for colors using the magic wand: Original and Sepia. Clicking on the color bars provides additional options for contrast, brightness, color saturation and hue. Changes alter all the photos in a frame.
    • Theme paint brush provides 8 themes (15 on the Blurb Mobile Plus upgrade $.99.)
    • Microphone - allows recording to the Clip library. From here audio may be added to play under the entire story or recorded and later attached to a photo.
  7. Rearrange framed slides by dragging dragging them from the outside border.
  8. Insert a single image. Tap on the image to see the purple rearrange arrows or the orange microphone button or the purple text button to add a caption. The green arrows allow an image to be rotated.
    There are trade-offs in using the multi-image layout. When using a single image layout, each photo may have a title and audio attached (up to a maximum of 30 seconds of audio in the free version.)
  9. Insert audio into a photo by clicking on the orange microphone. Audio can be recorded in advance or at the moment.
  10. Insert a short video clip of 15 seconds or less. Blurb Mobile Plus extends the limit to 3 video clip, not to exceed 30 seconds each.
  11. When finished, drag the black editing bar from the bottom of the screen to the top. Use the finger to swipe through your presentation. Recorded narration won't play, however, there is a triangle play button for videos. Use the TV button to watch the completed blurb from start to finish. Tap on the black border to exit.
  12. Share - via Story Stream on the Blurb site, or get a link to share it with Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. There is not an option to save back to your camera roll.
  13. Share what you created with the others. (Carolyn's badger story)